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Re: [at-l] Hanover,NH

Mark and Janet wrote:

> Hi Folks!  Wondering if anyone on the list lives in or close to Hanover,NH,
> where we might stash our car for about 6 weeks while we finish NH and ME?
> Or knows of somewhere, where one could park their car??  We have a few
> alternatives, but they are probably a couple of hours away from Hanover and
> since we have to hit the trail near Rt.12 coming out of Vermont, we were
> looking for somewhere closer to Hanover.

I'm sorry to be late in responding to this, but I've been gone for a 
week and a half. (On the other hand, I've been backpacking in Glacier 
NP, so I'm not too sorry).

Anyway, I had real good luck parking at a University parking lot a 
few years ago.  I parked for 2 weeks while I section-hiked in VT and
NH.  The parking lot was about half a mile off of the AT.  My car 
liscence number was given to campus police so I did not get ticketed 
or towed.  This service was arranged by the Dartmouth Outing Club 
(603-646-2428 according to Wingfoot's book, or try 
www.dartmouth.edu/student/doc/ according to the May/June 
Appalachina Trailway News).  I also have written down that the 
Parking Operations Office was at x2204 and Safety & Security was at 
x2234.  I have to say that everyone at the University was helpful and 

My info is a few years old, so you should check it.
Bob Shroy

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