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[at-l] Book Review

I had to delurk and let y'all know that we have yet another author in our
midst!  Our very own Hikester, Lynn Setzer, recently had "A Season on the
Trail" published!  I've had the pleasure to follow innumerable hikers on
their journey up to Pennsylvania (that's as far as I've gotten!) and can't
wait to read through all the way to Katadhin.  This would be an excellent
book for anyone, but especially those of us who haven't yet had the
opportunity to thru-hike, or even day-hike the AT like me.  This book is
even better than this list for hiking vicariously!  Drop by your local
bookstore to pick up a copy!  If they're completely sold out, you can order
it with the ISBN number of 0-89732-234-7.  Happy reading!


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