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[at-l] July 4th Cookout Anyone?

I have been thinking about heading away from Washington DC, away from 
the fireworks, the bands, and the crowds and out to Pen Mar park on the
Penn/Md border for the 4th. So is anyone else in the Md/Penn/NoVa
area interested in a 4th of July cookout? Pen Mar park is conveniently
located on the AT so any thru-hikers coming through the park could
join us if they wished. After, of course, an extensive interview to 
determine if offering them a hamburger would ruin their AT experience.
(Relax ... it's a joke :-)

I can't guarantee no crowds in the park, but I can guarantee less of
a crowd than on the DC mall!

So if anyone is interested send me an email ...

- Snail-No-More '96

Kevin A. Hoffman            
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