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Re: [at-l] Underestimating Women

I truly enjoyed this post, Nancy! We (Sponge) haven't been together nearly
as long but intend to go the distance.
You made me stop and think about our "roles" ones we play gladly! I have
accepted the fact he will never be a 90's kind of guy. Women's work is just
that, women do it. Finances are handled by the "man of the house". All
plumbing, electrical and major break downs," call the repairman".

Our backpacking "roles" are a little more exciting! We actually start
planning a trip 2 weeks before we go with first thoughts of what we want to
"see". Sponge is a great researcher and planner, when we get to the
"designation" he is a professional tour guide complete with history of the
area and whats coming up a mile down the trail.
All the while I plan out the meals. All of this done with a LIST. We have a
list for everything!
We pack our own packs (with a list). One day before a trip we say "Look at
the list!", several times especially to the teenager.
Life is good on the trail. All the cob-webs are cleared out of the mind,
our body's are tougher and a little sore.
Hiking for me makes me humble, kinder  and thankful I have found a way to
find that inner peace I have, walking in the woods....

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