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[at-l] Underestimating Women

This is not meant ot cause a flame.
I think this whole thing is funny as I am probably the most hated (by
insecure men) woman of all the women I know.  My hubby is a great man who
adores me and has since we met at 15 years of age.  That was 35 years ago. 
He was raised to feel very secure with his identity. We do almost
everything together.   He has deferred to me much of the household,
budgeting and mechanical responsibilities.  Other men call it "Wearing the
Pants"  but we call it cooperation and allowing the one with the skills to
do the job.  I drafted the plans for our home as I was an amateur
mechanical /architectural draftsman and artist.  Also I dabbled in
electrical wiring and plumbing an heating.  I re-wired my old house and
replaced the furnace and duct work, too.  My hubby was my assistant.  I
replaced the plumbing in this house with his help.  I did a lot of things
that usually are attributed to men because my mechanical abilities come
naturally.  I now work at a garage and do some of my own auto repairs and
put a muffler on my hubby's car before we left for the Smokies in the
spring.  When we shop for a car I usually blow the salesman's mind with
cid's, fuel injection, abs or other high tech features but usually I remind
them of problems that relate to certain cars they are trying to push on us.
 My hubby is so happy to let me do my thing.  He says it great to say,
"Honey, the sink is leaking"  and know that it will be repaired.   He is a
great guy because many men who need to ride to the rescue could not stand
me. We are real partners in life.  I am his pilot when traveling as he has
always had a terrible sense of direction.  He is a great artist and
taxidermist and has a great attention to detail which takes extreme
patience.  He works in machine shop and whenever they want a job done just
right they give it to my hubby.
    When we meet folks on the trail we both talk at the same time often
finishing one another's sentences.  We both love to talk about it so much. 
He can easily out-hike me with his big muscles. But I never get depressed
on the trail.  We help each other so much because we each have different
strengths:  Bogey saved my life at Laurel Fork Gorge when I fell in the
water with a full pack and lay suspended under  5 ft of water unable to get
up or down.  So I guess he still loved me enough to save me (or was it that
he needed me to guide him home?)    The point is,  just throw your comments
in there no matter to whom they are addressed and do not be intimidated,
underestimated, or ignored.  
Say hey!  Happy hiking and God Bless,
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