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[at-l] Stream Crossings

I currently carry sandals (25 oz) - LLBean West Branch made by Merrell.  They
are very comfortable camp shoes and I anticipated they would be good further
north where "take-off-the-boots" stream crossings are more prevalent.  In
order to meet my goal of a 10# weight reduction by the time I return to the
trail I am scrutinizing everything, even my most beloved stuff.  I hear
people say they buy the K Mart cheapie flip-flops, and for camp wear I think
they would be fine.  I need to hear from people who hike up north, say in
Maine, as to whether I will be glad to have my West Branch sandals or if I
could do with something much lighter.  Another plus for the Merrells is that
I could hike in them in an emergency, (say, if my boots would completely crap
out), which I'd hate to try in flip-flops. 

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