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Re: [at-l] Solophile's personal hangup

Thomas B. Greene wrote:

> My 0.02 is that Solophile should of said something (in a friendly and diplomatic
> way if possible).  Making people aware that they have a prolbem is the first
> step in fixing that problem.

I don't think it's about what Solophile should have done - she did what
she saw fit & informed us about the issue.  The question is what we do
with it.  As you note, *lots* of us men tend to see women in the roles
in which we've been conditioned to recognize them.  So knowing that, I
think we should keep that awareness there, & try to see women as
themselves.  Solophile with 1000 miles behind her is someone who knows
something about getting there.  Gypsy is Smoky's human (at least that's
the way the dog looks at it).

It ain't up to Solophile; it's up to us.

- Priest
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