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Re: [at-l] Solophile's personal hangup

Marty wrote--

<< > I think the guys who are addressing Fireball are not even aware that
 > ignoring Solophile, and it's probably totally unintentional.  >>

Yes, but in a way that's worse. The mindsets are so built-in that the
possibility of thinking Solophile knows as much or more about gear as
Fireball doesn't exist.
And Jim wrote: <snip>

>This is the best way to question you without
> "threatening" FireBall.  Let's face it, I don't think he'd like it if
> 10 guys (or even 1 or 2) crowed around you -- it would appear to be
> too flirtatious.

Given our ages, conditions, and relationship, there is no way my husband
would consider this flirtatious behavior, but I would bet the questions would
still be directed to him.

And I 'spect it would be better all around not to comment on Paddler's notion
that the other men may have feared that Fireball's instincts would "have
him protecting his investment," Have never quite thought of myself as an
investment before.
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