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[at-l] Klipspringer

Heard from Lionel tonight (he's in Waynesboro), to my relief and that of
our kids who are both currently in Israel.  Our son will hopefully be
joining him on the hike at the end of July, so they're trying to work out
where to meet - and how. 

Klipspringer's keeping a few notes - he is highly impressed with the Trail
Angels he's come across and mentioned Hot Flush and Flush who supplied him
with hotdogs, Cokes and cookies;  The Williamses who twice brought a
casserole, home made bread, banana loaf and chicken a la king and Aubrey
Taylor who gave him a ride to the campsite and satisfied his hunger pangs
most gratifyingly!   He is currently in the company of Red and Briar - most
of the others who were in the "group" have speeded up to try to get to
Washington by 4 July for ?Hemp Day and the fireworks.  What is Hemp Day btw?

He is so concerned about how much weight he has lost that he won't step
onto a scale, but says he's looking like skin and bones.   The humidity has
been most unpleasant...  He has reduced his pack weight considerably, but
it is still too heavy - down to about 49 1/2 pounds, with hardly any food
in it.

Also, he needs to buy a summer sleeping bag now.   Stupidly, I paid scant
attention to the list when there was a discussion on bags.   Can someone
please give me a list of recommended bags as he's calling home again
tomorrow night and I'd like to be able to pass on the information.

You folks in the USA are having better weather than us here in Cape Town -
we're having severe winter storms with two monster cold fronts en route -
power failures, washaways - not pleasant!  


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