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Re: [at-l] Hello--too

In a message dated 97-06-23 03:22:19 EDT, pine.ellis@juno.com (Ilene M
Trainor) writes:

<< We are not physically able to be
 out there with backpacks and hiking boots, but our heart is there, and 
 we do our best to provide a home-like atmosphere for those who come to
 our door.  We always see the hand that is extended in friendship, and the
 heart that is looking for a smile. We truly do feel a part of the hiking
 community and look forward to our association with this list.  >>

I would just like to add that I think this is an extremely important part of
the AT experience.  My stays at hostels, motels, campgrounds, etc. always
came at a critical time to me.  I really needed a rest, but more importantly,
needed someone to help me - get my mail, find the laundry, find something to
eat, ask me how I'm doing, help me find medical attention for me or my dog,
relay info on who has been here just before me, etc.  In other words, I
needed something more personal than just a room with a bed or a bunk.  I
think the positive contact with non-hiking people is as important to refresh
the soul and spirit as is returning to the natural world on the trail.  I
found this so many places - Rainbow Springs campground, Fontana Motel,
Mountain Mama's, Nolichucky Campground, Kincora hostel, and many more.  I
look forward to stopping at your B&B, Ilene, and sampling your hospitality as
well.  Welcome to the list.

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