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[at-l] Diagnosis/Prognosis (fwd)

So sorry to hear about this set back.  You might just surprise that Dr. by
recovering much faster than he thinks due to your excellent physical
condition.  Everything happens for a reason, to bad we can't always figure
it out :)  Good for Smoky, my Casey would second that!  Best wishes to you.

MINC (Gweneeth)

I have just returned from my HMO health center where I found out that my
problem is bursitis.  The bursa, which lies between the large hip muscle and
a tendon,  (as I understand) is inflamed and filled with fluid.  I have to
quit hiking for a while, take an anti-inflammatory for 2 weeks (and possibly
2 more weeks after that).  Then I can begin to resume exercise, initially at
about a 25% level to determine if there is no more pain.

I asked when I might reasonably expect to be able to get back to the trail
with a full (although lighter) pack, and was told I might be ready by the
of the summer.

So there you have it folks, the Gypsy is temporarily out of order, but THE
GYPSY WILL RETURN!   (And Smoky told me, in dog language of course, "Honey,
you ain't goin NOWHERE without me!)

Marty (Gypsy)
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