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Re: [at-l] down v fake fluff?

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997 13:11:09 EDT "WALTERS, AMYE JEANNE"
>I spent the better part of two hours at REI the other day in an 
>to purchase a sleeping bag. I know summer in Georgia is not the most

Hi, Amye. 
I am non expert but I have done some shopping on this very thing
and I live in Georgia!
I an certainly going for a synthetic. I do not like the idea of taking a
down bag to
a specialty cleaner and paying $40-60 when it gets smoky, sweaty or
I decided on a 20 degree bag, which will be lighter weight and will keep
me comfortable
in most of the southeastern climates. REI looked awefully expensive to
Check out www.campmor.com or call 800-230-2153 and ask for a catalog.
They had
some great close outs on gear.
I have not yet bought a good sleeping bag. I've always used whatever I
had. Then, I
had the opportunity to use my sister's North Face 20 degree bag one
Wow. wow. WOW. I actually got a terrific nights sleep, was toasty but not
too hot, and
felt great waking up. It was well worth the $160 she paid for it. I never
realized how 
much a decent sleeping bag can improve the whole trip.

On a related note, I got an LL Bean credit card and I get 5% of every
purchase back
in LL Bean credit. Its not hard to rack up lots of credit when I put
groceries, gas, etc
on it. This year I have already paid for hiking boots for my husband and
myself with 
these credits.

- Mary Guay

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