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[at-l] down v fake fluff?

I spent the better part of two hours at REI the other day in an attempt
to purchase a sleeping bag. I know summer in Georgia is not the most
opportune time to be considering a sleeping bag but I have a gift
certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket.
So I was all set to invest in a 0 degree down bag, which is what I had
my heart set on in the winter. But then the last saleman I talked to
steered me towards a synthetic bag bc they are more functional in wet
weather, easier to wash and not a problem when you sweat in your sleep.
I'm not doing any super intensive woods living, nothing longer than a
week or two so weight is not my main consideration.
I don't want to spend over $300 and want something i can use in winter
camping when there's snow on the ground. So if anyone has insight,
information or suggestions; please pass your thoughts along.
Thanx in advance,
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