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[at-l] Lightweight backpacking

We ran across a new video at REI last week - and thought some of you
might be interested.  It's called "Lightweight Backpacking Secrets
Revealed" and it's by Lynne Whelden of "5 Million Steps" fame.   It's
a discussion about lightweight equipment and techniques by Wingfoot
(AT - 7 times), Warren Doyle (AT - 10 times/20# pack), Keith
Kimball/Wolf (AT - 4 times, PCT - twice/15# pack), Ted D Bear
(AT, PCT, CDT/25#pack), Ann & Larry McDuff/Annie and the
Salesman(AT - 94), Jeff Hansen (AT, Neels Gap/20# pack),
Daryl Nelson (section hiker/28# pack) and Bunny Schneider of
the Marching Mountain Mamas (section hiker/25# pack).

Lots of really good information.  It's aimed mostly at AT hikers
although some of the techniques would apply to other trails as
well.  It's partly technique (what we carry and what we don't)
and partly philosophy (less is better - simplifying your life -
getting rid of the fears that bind you to traditional ways of
doing things, etc.).  And yes, it does make a difference - if
you want to enjoy your hiking more, then lighten your load.

If you can't find it at REI or your favorite local outfitters, write to:

Lynne Whelden Productions
90 East Union St.
Canton, PA 17724

And send money - it cost us $29.95 and it was worth every penny.

Walk softly - and lightly,

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