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Re: [at-l] thru hikers

Kahley wrote: I'm just asking..and I'm not asking for 'rules' to be
>written to govern this, but should the thru hikers get first dibs?

If I knew there were thru hikers head my way I guess I'd be inclined to
let them have the shelter. I guess. But I usually don't know who is
behind me. I'm not a power hiker so I am usually the one being passed on
the trail.

My personal feeling is that being in need gives someone a priority
status. I remember the story a thru hikers was telling us in '94. She
arrived at a shelter after walking all day in a cold rain and said she
was near hypothermia. There was a group of hikers in the shelter who were
spread out taking more space than they really needed. She said they made
no offer to let her in so she had to put up her tent. 

I hope that if I am ever faced with such a person that I would make room,
be that person a thru hiker or section hiker. On the other hand, I think
that the first people to arrive at a shelter should use it with a clear
conscience. I  agree with Kahley in not wanting a lot of rules. I think
kindness and consideration are rules enough. Hopeful
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