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Re: [at-l] First Northbound Thru-hiker makes MAINE!!!

>Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 12:08:31 +0100
>From:dotmike2@sover.net (Dot MacDonald)
>Subject:Re: [at-l] First Northbound Thru-hiker makes MAINE!!!
>Dear All,
>  I was thrilled to hear Trail Trooper is on his way since I met him in
>So. Virginia in April.  I am slackpacking Wolfwoman in Vermont and I
>believe she is the first woman non-yellow blazer on her way to Katahdin.
>I think she is going too fast but everyone to their own hike.  She's in
>excellent shape and headed for Rt. 11/30 near Manchester, VT today.  She
>says that she knows of someone named snake-eyes and some one else. I'll
>E-mail that name later, maybe tomorrow since I forgot it, Anyway they are
>traveling together.  They also should be headed into Manchester tonight.
>So the troops are arriving north. I'll keep people informed as to who I
>see as I go up to our section's shelter from time to time.
>  Our section, Brattleboro of the GMC, are in the initial stages of
>planning a thru hiker appreciation party for probably the third week of
>July.  Anyone who would like to help from around here, just let me know.
>We can always use both donations as well as mules to carry in goodies. We
>do it at Spruce Peak Shelter.
>                                                Bye Dot D-Train

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