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Re: [at-l] Section Hiking & Bobcats & whip-poor-wills

In a message dated 97-06-14 10:48:05 EDT, Slim writes:

<< May I also state that thru-hikers, whom I admire greatly, are not the only
 ones who need trail magic.  We section-hikers sometimes carry 2 weeks of
 food at a time not using the towns to restock.   I know we miss a lot of
 the town magic but for 50 weeks a year we live and work in town and just
 for those two weeks we want the wilderness so we pack it in.  >>

I pondered these words for a while, and I want to say thanks for the gentle
reminder.  From my experience, I think thru hikers get so engrossed in their
endeavor that they sometimes downplay the efforts of other trail users.  I
always thought that section hiking is more physically taxing while thru
hiking demands every bit of self-discipline one can muster just to keep
focused on the goal.  In retrospect, (and facing the fact that I may soon
join the ranks of section hikers ;~))) we're all out there on the same path.
 Trail magic is there for everyone!

On a lighter note, one thing I noticed about section hikers that I met is
that they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to keep themselves and
their clothes clean.  Day hikers, on the other hand, smell absolutely awful
of deodorant soap and cologne!  I wonder what they thought as they passed me
on the trail.

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