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Re: [at-l] Re: Into the wild

I read the book,  Chris had a profound effect on many of the people he met on
his trips leading up to his Alaskan adventure.  He was a likable, well
educated kid, with a few family problems.  He would still be alive today
except for 1 simple mistake.  If he had a good map of the area he was camping
in, showing where to go to cross the flooded river that blocked his return to
"civilization".  There was a cable car rigged across the river a few miles
away from where he tried to cross (the author of the book and his guides used
it to go to see the old school bus he died in)....  Well, 2 mistakes, he
should have just stayed on the AT...  What a sad end to a life, to starve to
death in a school bus in the wilderness...


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    I read the original piece on McCandless in Outside and also heard
 Krakaeur talk about his book on NPR. It sounded like he was in over his
 head. I surprised the book jacket quotes Krakaeur as saying he only made two
 significant mistakes. From what I read it sounded like he was not living off
 the land real well and was all ready in trouble healthwise before
 discovering the river was too high. He was not an effective hunter. I think
 the one large animal he shot mostly rotted because he didn't know how to
 preserve the meat. It was great that he had the gumption to try what he did.
 Just going out and trying something and learning from your mistakes is a
 great way to learn. However, some environments are more forgiving than
 others. You have to improve your chances with some minimal preparation. From
 what I remember about McCandless's journal he didn't die happy.I haven't
 read Krakaeur's books yet, but his pieces in Outside are well written.
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