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[at-l] Re: Being alone on the AT

> James Bullard wrote:
> > Seriously, one of the things I've considered is doing the AT over 2 summers
> > to avoid "the wave". I could start behind the main body of thru-hikers the
> > first year and ahead of them the next. I know that the purists would
> > wouldn't consider me to be a true thru-hiker (I don't care). What I wonder
> > is would I just be avoiding the wave of thru-hikers and instead be swamped
> > by the summer crowd of weekenders and day hikers. The idea of doing it in
> > one shot still pulls me. What is the "traffic" really like out there?

In total contrast to my concern about being lonely on the trail,
I too want to avoid the crowds.  Plus I'm not really a hot weather
hiker.  I figure I'll start here in Pa as soon as the weather breaks,
hopefully early March and hike with spring, north to Katadin.  Come
home for hot July and August and start the begining of Sept back here in 
Pa and hike with fall south to Springer.  With this plan I figure to 
miss most of the traffic but yet still get to meet some people along the 
way. Plus, watch spring and fall, my favorite seasons, unfold in slooow 

Since this isn't really a flip flop, I'm stuck calling it a flip flip.
Hopefully it won't be a flop flop.  BTW...talked to a couple today, 
doing 15-17 mile days , they left from Springer in mid March and told
me that last night was the first time they had a shelter to themselves 
since they started.  This explained the extra glow they had <<<G>>>.

They were really nice, on an extended honeymoon I think.  Watching
their pennies and living on mail drops that they were really sick of.

It was almost as if I were talking to the Moaks....twenty-years ago.
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