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[at-l] Trangia Westwind

>From: Roland Horth <HORTHR@bg1us.wl.com>
>Subject: [at-l] Trangia westwind
>I've read a lot of bits here lately on the Trangia Westwind.  I wonder why
>people are picking up this particular model of Trangia.  In my opinion it is
>their worst design.  We used a full blown Trangia model 25 (with teapot)
>on our thruhike without a problem.  This is the model (available in smaller
>form as the 27, though I may have these numbers transposed) which
>includes an integrated base/windscreen which greatly improves
>efficiency and actually works BETTER in windy conditions. 

>Trangia also
>sells a simple leg system of three interlocking pieces which act as a pot

Isn't this the Westwind?

>and a mini version which includes a stove, stand and pot in one
>ultra light system.  We found that we would get water boiling in about the
>same time as MSR owners because we spent zero time pumping, priming,
>or trying to put shelter fires out.
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I'm interested in the Westwind because it seems (haven't used one) like a
fairly light (6.6 ounce total weight) and simple design.  I would rather
use a  titanium pot than any of the Trangia cookware. The Westwind with a
titanium pot is supposedly a light weight and compact package.  Maybe not
the best choice for a thru hike of the AT, but perhaps a good choice for
overnights or long weekends on the trail.

Charles Peters

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