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[at-l] Re: Florida trip


My wife and I took a trip to southern Florida in June several years ago
and I can sympathize with you about the bugs! We camped one night on Key 
Largo, couldn't sleep because of the heat and humidity, switched to 
motels for the rest of the trip. In the Everglades, around dark the bugs 
were so bad, the air was like a black fog. It was impossible to be 
outside. Daytime was bearable with lots of DEET. 
Chiggers sure are miserable! The more you scratch the more they itch! . I 
picked up several hiking in California yesterday. BTW in Florida they 
sometimes call them "Red Bugs" maybe that was what the doctor was talking 
about? "Sting ease" available at Walmart seem to help. Also try clear 
nail polish. It will kill them after a few hours. Otherwise they will be 
with you for several days. 


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