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Re: [at-l] Leaving the trail...alone...

On Sat, 7 Jun 1997, kahlena wrote:

> Hiya all..
> In reading the journals and talking to hikers I have found that there
> seem to be many people who just plain get lonely when they're on the 
> trail and perhaps this is a major factor in their decision to leave.
> Although there are usually people about, one hiker shared the 'tedium 
> of meeting new people all the time'. Now granted, I'm sure new people
> with new stories to tell can be an allure.  But what about someone you
> know well enough that you can 'relax' with or someone you _know_ you
> can count on to support you emotionally when the trail starts to get you 
> down? I think sharing the trail with someone would have to be a plus
> for me.  I'm not talking walking in lock step, but definitely agreeing
> to camp together and spending most of the time together.
>  For those couples on the list, and anyone else that traveled with a 
> partner, do you think you would have made it if you had done it solo? 
> I'm surprised that I'm writing this since I do almost all of my hiking 
> without human companionship and like it that way.  But everyday, I'm
> learning just how different a thru hike is from what I'm used to doing.
> 						Kahley
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Hi Kahley,

I hiked 1300 miles (from Katahdin to Waynesboro) in 1993 by myself.  While
I did hike with some people some of the time, most of it was by myself.  I
did get lonely sometimes (I ended up buying a walkman in MD) but I also
liked being by myself and being self-sufficient.  However, I am married
now and have been hiking with my wife for a year now.  I have to say that
I enjoy hiking with her much more than by myself.  I find that I take more
time with her around and we enjoy just being out there.  When I go by
myself, which I do every now and again, I realize that I don't really stop
and enjoy the journey as much.  I still love hiking and I would do it no
matter what my personal situation was.  But I prefer hiking with my best
friend.  In fact, we are off to do the rest of the Trail this summer!  700
miles or so left and we can't wait.  FWIW,


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