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[at-l] First AT hike

It was 1961 and I was ten years old. My father took me on my first
camping trip in NW NJ around Flatbrook Stream near Walpack close to the
Delaware Water Gap. We climbed one of the peaks nearby and came upon the
AT. I vowed to return and did so many times after reaching driving age.
My wife, Claire(Buttercup) and I are planning a 2001 thru hike when our
daughter graduates from college.

Took a short section hike from Hughes Gap, Tenn to Hwy 19E on the NC
border over the memorial day weekend. Roan Mountain, Big Hump provided
spectacular views.Some great campsites to be had. Rangers @ Roan Mt.
State Park were very helpful and friendly.  Blue blazed to the red barn
@ Overmountain. Met several nice thru hikers (should have taken note of
their trail names so I could post it here) one of them suggested the AT
list, so here I am!

Bob Roberts provides a great shuttle service out of Roan Mountain,
really makes a weekend trip a pleasure gett'n to and from trail heads.

See y'all on the trail!

Joe Hageman (mongoose)
Trenton, NC
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