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[at-l] Leaving the trail...alone...

Hiya all..

In reading the journals and talking to hikers I have found that there
seem to be many people who just plain get lonely when they're on the 
trail and perhaps this is a major factor in their decision to leave.

Although there are usually people about, one hiker shared the 'tedium 
of meeting new people all the time'. Now granted, I'm sure new people
with new stories to tell can be an allure.  But what about someone you
know well enough that you can 'relax' with or someone you _know_ you
can count on to support you emotionally when the trail starts to get you 
down? I think sharing the trail with someone would have to be a plus
for me.  I'm not talking walking in lock step, but definitely agreeing
to camp together and spending most of the time together.
 For those couples on the list, and anyone else that traveled with a 
partner, do you think you would have made it if you had done it solo? 

I'm surprised that I'm writing this since I do almost all of my hiking 
without human companionship and like it that way.  But everyday, I'm
learning just how different a thru hike is from what I'm used to doing.
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