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[at-l] First AT Footsteps

My enlightenment took place in Shenandoah National Park in the Year of
Our Lord, 1974. I'd been living in Pa. for about a year and took a
camping trip to SNP. I was hiking various trails around Matthews Arm
Campground and came upon this interesting fellow with a big pack on his
back. Of course, the now cliched conversation took place, "where you
going", "Maine", "how far have you come", Georgia. "Is there one trail
that goes that far?" "Applachian Trail". 

Well, from that point on, I was intrigued. Did a few miles on it that
weekend and then promptly purchased Ed Garvey's "Appalachian Hiker".
Found out that the trail was only a few miles from my house on Peter's
Mountain. Usually was up there every weekend. And the long weekends were
spent down in Shenandoah (what a beautiful name). Been an AT Junkie,
thru-hiker wannabe ever since.
Peter H. Fornof
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