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[at-l] RE: hike in NY, Ct, Mass

> so here's a good question for the list:  do you remember your=20
>very first time on the AT, where you firstsaw a white blaze? =20
>mine was  where the blue blaze from salisbury meets the
>AT going up to lion's head.
>ke kaahawe

The first time I saw the AT was at Wind Rock outside of Pearisburg.
Wind Rock is located behind Mountain Lake, which is a popular
destination/hiking area for students from Va. Tech.  I remember
meeting a hiker, and asking how far he had come.  When he said
"Pennsylvania" I practically fell over.  That's how I learned about
the AT, and what a long distance hike was all about.  I resolved when
I started hiking that the one place I would definitely make camp while
hiking was at Wind Rock, which I did.  It brought back a lot of
memories almost 20 years after meeting that hiker.
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