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[at-l] va -> pa hike

Hey gang!

I think I might do VA -> PA for my birthday hike. I was thinking of
leaving from just south of harper's ferry and hiking north on the AT to
the mason-dixon line. I know it's only some 40-odd miles, but i'm odd
too! I am doing this section really slowly - only about 10 miles a day
or so for a long weekend. I mostly just want to watch the thru hikers
zoom past me. :)

I am going to go and purchase the map for this area, but does anyone
want to divulge some info for me - where shelters are, how the terrain
is, etc. 

merci! (that's french, duh)

Diana ^(raven)^ * raven@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu * Washington, DC
The Appalachian Trail 1998 * Georgia -> Maine
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