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[at-l] Trangia Stoves

I haven't seen the Trangia Westwind available in any mail order
catalogs. The Boundary Waters Catalog lists the Trangia 23 which is the
burner with a larger pot support than the Westwind. I'm also intrigued
by the Trangia Mini-28 which is the burner with wind screen/pot support,
.8 liter pot, and teflon fry pan. Makes a small neat kit. Boundary
Waters number is 800-223-6565 and URL http://www.piragis.com.

Safesport also makes an alcohol stove. Holds 5.5 ozs, weighs 9.4 ozs,
stainless steel with integral fold-out pot support legs. The cap doesn't
screw on, so you would have to empty after use. Also doesn't have the
simmer cap like the Trangia. The Sportsman's Guide is selling these for
$14.97. 800-888-3006

Chuck Laws
Johnson City, TN
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