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[at-l] Re: Thruhikers vs. weekenders

As a weekender/section hiker I have to use self control not to 
be offended by the apparent attitude of SOME thruhikers.  I can
only assume that the "weekenders" they refer to are those who
I would not socialize in town with either.
For instance:
The 3 skin heads that were at fingerboard shelter (for a few days 
apparently) and had carved interesting figures (swastikas) in the 
floor and walls of the shelter.  Needless to say that we and the
other groups tented some distance from the shelter with brush
between us so we could hear them coming.

The bunch of local kids (18-22 yrs old) who showed up at 10 PM at
the shelter for a party.  their saving grace was that they had hauled
a beer ball the 2 miles from the trail head and were more than 
generous.  After a few beers neither I nor Roving Astronomer (the thru
hiker that was with us) cared.  Their surprise was when I told them that
that weekend (first of May) was the maintaining org's cleanup and had them 
help police the trail on the way out.  They were pretty good about it.

Happy (and friendly) trails
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