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Re: [at-l] AT in MA

Joey Parker wrote:
> The closest I have ever been to the AT in MA is Baltimore, so I really need
> some help.  I'd like to make 1 or 2 "loop" hikes that use the AT, but I'm
> open to any suggestions.  If there is an exceptionally good hike available,
> I'll bring my backpacking stuff and stay out Saturday night, otherwise I'll
> just day hike.
The AT is at the opposite end of the state from Plymouth, so it's a 2-3
hour drive.  I highly recommend the section starting at the CT/MA
border, over Bear Mtn, through Sage's Ravine, Race Mtn, and Mt. Everett
to Jug End.  Unfortunately, this is a ridge walk so there's no real loop
that I know of.  This ridge can be a relatively easy 2-day walk (I think
it's about 17-19 miles) although you'd then need to hitch back to your
car.  If you want, e-mail me for more precise directions.  I'd offer to
accompany or shuttle you, but I leave for hiking and biking in Ireland
on the 23rd :-)

Big Blue Frog
...one section at a time...
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