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Re: [at-l] Through Hikers vs. Weekenders (From rec.backcountry)

richard hihn wrote:

> Someone said:
> > From reading the regesters at various shelters along the Maryland and
> > Pennsylvania sections of the AT, I've noticed that the long distance
> > hikers are becoming increasingly agitated with so-called "weekenders." It
> > seems they view us as unwanted interlopers: that we're not serious
> > backpackers; and, worse, that our presence on the AT somehow diminishes
> > their time on the trail. It's a interesting phenomenon, not unlike "driver
> > rage"--the pathological behavior many motorists seem to  exhibit as they
> > barrel down the highway at breakneck speeds. Has anyone else sensed this
> > sort of thing? You can reach me at Hegelian10@aol.com

As a recent thru-hiker, I loved weekenders--usually, they had lots of
food. >grin<. The only time I had an ax to gind is with the weekenders
who had bad manners (and even some thru-hikers have bad manners,
although it is less common because the trail is home--much like a dog,
you don't want to crap in your home).  Bad manners usually took the form
of treating the shelter as a personal (free) vacation cabin, including
but not limited to: blaring radio, unattended barking dog, brightly lit
lantern at midnight, and getting extremely drunk/throwing up in the
shelter.  By the way, nearly all weekenders that I met had excellent
manners =)
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