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Fw: [at-l] Weather in Maine?!

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: : From: Will Strickland <gt0556d@prism.gatech.edu>
: : To: at <at-l@saffron.hack.net>
: : Subject: [at-l] Weather in Maine?!
: : Date: Monday, June 02, 1997 9:49 AM
: : 
: : The time is drawing close for me to depart and the reports from Maine
: : are toying with my head. Now from what I've read and heard, there is
: still
: : plenty of snow on the trail in ME and Baxter is still closed. But, the
: : weather reports I've seen show mid 60's for the highs. Hmmmm, what are
: the
: : odds that the park will still be closed in two weeks? What do I do if
: : is? How long will it take for most of the snow to melt? And while I'm
: : asking questions, how much snow is actually still on
: : the trail itself?
: : 
: : I didn't plan on having to tackle a couple hundred miles of snow to
: : the hike, but I guess I'll deal with it. I just hope I'm taking enough
: : clothes, I guess the best way to look at it is if I'm moving I won't be
: : cold and I'll hit the sleeping bag first thing after camp. The calendar
: : says "12 days and I'm Maine bound" won't be long now!
: : 
: there is still snow on the peaks here in western Maine Mtns, but my bet
: that within two weeks Baxter will be entirely open including the BIG
: K.......the bigger challenge, as I see it, will be the numerous "brook"
: "stream" fords that you will encounter. Might be a good idea to have
: company on those days!!! 
: have fun and try to remember to stay open to whatever the journey
: entails>>>>>>>
: Enjoy
: MaineRune
: S to K '96
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