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[at-l] On Supertramp

A recent post read,
>Did anyone see the ABC news show 20/20 last night?  They did a story about a
>young man who at his college graduation party announced that he'd be
">dropping out of sight for awhile".  He had a dream to make it from his home
>don't remember where, but he went to Emory Univ -- GA maybe?) to Alaska and
>prove that he could live off the land in the wilderness.  He changed his
>name to "Alex Supertramp" and started out across the country.  Along the
>way, he gave away all of his savings (over $24,000) to a food relief project
>and abandoned his car.  Well, he made it to Alaska and there were several
>pictures of him with his daily kill and in the wilderness.  He kept a short
>journal and was mostly having the time of his life.  

This story is actually in book form, "Into The Wild" by Jon Krakauer. It
details the life and ramblings of Christopher Johnson McCandless.  It is easy
to read and very interesting. To quote the back cover:
     "... for most of the 16 weeks ordeal, McCandless more than held his own.
Indeed, were it not for two seemingly insignificant blunders, he would have
walked out of the woods in August 1992 as anonymously as he walked into them
in April. Instead, his inncoent mistakes turned out to be pivotal and
irreversible, his name became the stuff of tabloid headlines, and his
bewildered family was left clutching the shards of a fierce and painful

Krakauer first wrote the story for Outside magazine, then it became a book
when the article won several awards. Jon is also the climber who was on
Everest last year when eight climbers died, wrote about that for Outside, and
has turned that into a book.  I recommend his writing.

John Vonhof

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