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[at-l] colored lights

re: the photn microlight-- if all you care about is the led (the color and/or
the extended battery life (leds draw very little power)), you can put one in
a mini maglite, too.  I ran into someone at Neels Gap who'd done this, and
over my recent two-week vacation from the Trail :) I tracked down a Radio
Shack and
tried it out myself.

The guy who told me about it said the LED he used was called an "ultrabright
LED" or some such; he couldn't remember the specs or part number.  I tried
out the two LEDs I could find with labels vaguely like that; both worked fine.

You need to clip the leads from the LED a bit short, of course, and bend them
a little so they're as close together as the maglite bulb leads.  You also
need to widen the hole in the reflector so the larger LED body will fit through

The result is very eerie-looking on a headband :) and bright enough to read by
at night as long as the writing isn't in red ink. :)

-David "the fool" Covin
Ga->Me '97 (? i'm way behind schedule! :)
http://student-www.uchicago.edu/users/covi/at.html  (soon to be moved)

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