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[at-l] RE: new Photo Micro-Lights

"Diana ^(raven)^" <raven@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu> writes:

> I found yellow and red ones at REI. I kind of wanted the green one, but
> they didn't have it and the red one was just so fun and creepy looking.
> They cost all of $10 and the packaging said that the battery would last
> 5 years (i'm not holding my breath). I really want a blue one now! :)

Lithium batteries are still good after 5 years of storage.  The ones in the
Photon should last almost that long if you use the light for nothing but
finding keyholes.

Red light preserves the eyes' dark adaptation, but a book I read about the
SAS (Special Air Service; British special forces) says that they use blue
lights when sneaking about at night.  Blue is the "natural color of night"
and its reflections are less noticeable.  Also, those Green Berets lurking
along the Trail are less likely to see you because their night-vision
goggles are insensitive to blue (but extremely sensitive to red).

--  Frank    reid@indiana.edu
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