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Re: [at-l] First Need filter

> > Anyway, does anyone have any comments on the First Need Deluxe? I am planning
> > on bringing mine on a thru-hike in 1999, and am interested in any comments, for
> > or against.

I jsut did this to my 7 year old First Need filter and it works 
GREAT!!  Just got back from some backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas 
near Sequoia Natl Forest and the filter performed, as usual, 
excellently.  The ability to attach the bottle to the filter, I 
hadn't bought the adaptor, made it a LOT easier to pump since you 
could kinda put it on the ground and use it to balance while pumping.

I didn't notice any great increase in throughput tho.  Just seemed to 
be about the same old steady stream of water that I know is OK to 

I don't see much mention on groups about the first need either, and 
seldom talk about mine, except when given an opening like yours.  I 
like to think that the first need users are the one's that're doing, 
as opposed to the ones who are sitting around talking about it . . . 


/*  Keith Patterson
/*  Fincastle, VA, USA
/*  kep1@roanoke.infi.net
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