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Re: [at-l] Re: External Frames

At 10:03 AM 5/28/97 PDT, Steven Dopp wrote:
>Yes, I've noticed that.  Isn't it designed for growing kids?  I have
>wondered if it is large enough for an adult (5 ft, 7 in) and large enough
>(4,000 cu. in.).

From the Campmor catalogue:

Adjustable II Med, 3lbs 9oz, 2930 ci., fits 4'6" -> 5'7", $69.99
Adjustable II Lg., 3lbs 14oz, 3330 ci., fits 5'5" -> 6'4", $69.99

Torso length wise, the pack certainly seems to get up into the adult range.

The capacity of this pack does NOT include a sleeping bag compartment
since, like most external frame packs, the pack doesn't have one.  Anyone
care to hazard a guess as to the size of a typical sleeping bag
compartment? 1200 cu. in. maybe?

Other than having a catalog handy, I have no experience with this pack.

-- Jim Mayer

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