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[at-l] Cadillac Crew - Big Blue Relocation 5/24 -5/25

Just had a great weekend, norhtwest of Winchester VA, with the infamous
"Cadillac Crew" of the PATC.  This was my first trail work with them and
only my second work trip ever. The first was with Charlie Irwin & the
Northern Chapter.

Saturday was perfect weather and with 12 crew members working, we got a
lot done.  The only downside was that the 'ho never showed up (back-hoe
that is).  We had great food, a nice cabin for sleeping and plenty of
entertainment. (Many of the Crew are highly skilled in the art of
naritive flexibility ;-)) Sunday was rainy, so I bailed around 10am. 
Some of the crew were staying until today (Monday), so if the rain let
up I guess I missed some work on Sunday.  Anyway, on the way home (3 hr
drive), I stopped at Harper's Ferry to see the ATC HQ and then I went
into Frederick MD to visit an outfitter I'd heard about, The Trail
House.  They had tons 'o stuff at great prices. The staff was also very
good.  The one guy was a thru-hiker of '94.

As for the trail work, the Crew is relocating about 4 miles of the Big
Blue, getting it off of VA rt 600.  They really live up to their name
and make sure that the completed sections of trail meet their "Cadillac"
standards.  I plan on getting another weekend in with them on 6/14.

Felix, I saw beans, rope, two naked albino squirrels, but no dogs.  I
guess next time, I'll bring mine.

Tom Kreider
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