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[at-l] Hut system in The Whites

Fellow Hikers,
We are planning to hike the AT in the Whites in July-Aug this year and are
debating using the hut system to day-hike them.  We will begin at Kinsman
Notch and travel north to Rt#2, North Rd.  Then we plan to get our
backpacks and continue.  
Please offer suggestions:
1. Day-packing the Whites, how far can we expect to hike each day?
   note: we averaged almost 2 mi./hr. in Nantahala to Hot Springs w/full
2. Are ten mile day-hikes in the Whites too optimistic?  
3. Has anyone out there day-hiked the AT in the Whites using the hut
4. If so, which huts did you use and did you have any problems reaching
them      before dark?  
5. What gear would you suggest to carry in the day-pack?
6. How much do the huts cost per night per adult non-member?
7. Do you have to make reservations?  How soon ahead?
8. Are some of the huts really far off the AT?
9. How about the logistics of campsites/huts if we decide to backpack all
of it?
10. Everyone tells us we'll love the Whites.  Are they that great? 
Thank you, and Happy Hiking and God Bless
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