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Re: [at-l] Re: at-l-gallon jugs of water

In a message dated 97-05-20 00:13:24 EDT, you write:

<<  I was hiking a section N from Bear Mt NY in Sept.  A few 
 mountains N of RPH shelter, I got to the top of the mountain and 
 found 2 big jugs of water (5 gallons each I believe).  And there was 
 a sign that said "Supermarket Springs".   >>

Yes, I came upon those same jugs of water on a very hot day.  I inquired
about the water later on with a couple of trail maintainers at the next
shelter.  It seems there is a house up there on that mountain, close to the
trail (although I didn't see it) in which live a couple of former AT hikers
who know the value of cold water in a place like that.  They buy the water
and place it on the trail for hikers. Sorry I don't know their names.

God love 'em.

Big E
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