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[at-l] New Hiking Maps Available / Hiker parking fees in NH have started (fwd)

This may be of interest to list members in the NY, NJ area
also it gives details on the NH parking fees matter.
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> Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 16:15:35 -0400 (EDT)
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> Subject: New Hiking Maps Available / Hiker parking fees in NH have started
>      The Trail Conference is pleased to announce the publication of
> new editions of two new map sets.  Our newly-revised East Hudson
> Trails 3-map set includes trails recently established in the Hubbard-Perkins
> Conservation Area, adjacent to Fahnestock State Park in Putnam County, NY. 
> It also includes the new Undercliff Trail in Hudson Highlands State Park
> (formal opening takes place on National Trails Day, June 7th - all welcome). 
> Under the leadership of Chris Cesar, a volunteer with expertise in field
> checking -- and an extensive knowledge of the East Hudson area -- many
> other changes and corrections were made to this map set.  Multiple-purpose
> (horse, bike + foot) trails are now indicated with a distinct shading.
>      The new edition of our Shawangunk 4-map set shows the network 
> of trails just re-constructed by Conference volunteers in the Sam's Point
> Preserve, formerly known as Ice Caves Mountain -- including an
> extension of the Long Path south of the magnificent Verkeerder Kill Falls. 
> It also incorporates changes to other trails on Mohonk Preserve, Mohonk
> Mountain House and Minnewaska State Park properties including
> re-routes of the Blueberry Run Trail and Long Path.
>      The price of each map set is $8.95, plus applicable postage and
> tax (when sent to NY addresses).  Trail Conference members receive a
>  25% discount, ($6.75).  An  order form is in the Trail Walker you received 
> recently.
> New editions of South Taconic Trails (1-map) and North Jersey Trails 
> (2-maps) are also scheduled for publication in 1997 ...as is an all new 1st
> edition trail; guide forthe Shawangunks ...and a complete revision of the
> New York Walk Book.  The Walk Book will be published as a two volume set;
> one on NY and the other on NJ.  They will be available separately or as a
> combo set.
> Also in the works is an all-new Daywalker covering shorter hikes and walks in
> the NY Metropolitan area, most accessible by public transit.  Look for the 
> Daywalker in early 1998.
> --------------
>      According to a recent report in the Manchester Union Leader, hikers,
> mountain bikers and other backcountry users in New Hampshire's White
> Mountain National Forest will need a parking pass to leave their vehicle
> unattended at trailheads under a program begun ithis month. The
> $20 season pass or the $5 weekly pass, is available at all ranger stations
> and at other selected areas.  The fee program is part of a new federal pilot
> project designed to keep 95% of the revenues from individual national
>  forests there for improvements. In the past, any proceeds went to 
> Washington.
>      "Our commitment is to keep the White Mountain National Forest
> open and to maintain and enhance our trails, trailhead facilities, developed
> facilities and wildlife viewing opportunities," said Donna Hepp,
> supervisor of the 771,000-acre forest. Some 7 million people annually
> visit the White Mountain National Forest. Currently, all money collected
> by the Forest Service goes straight into the federal Treasury.  Staffing has
> been cut back 20 percent through attrition and early retirements.
> Improvement projects which were once funded are sitting idle, said
> a spokesperson.
>      The hope is that if more than a half-million dollars is brought in
> through pass sales the first year, trail improvements will begin and
> planning will be implemented for summer 1998 seasonal staff and projects
> during this coming winter. About 15 percent of the pass proceeds will be 
> used on administration. The first priority, she said, is "to hack away
> at the backlog of trail maintenance and improvements. We hope if
> things are real positive we can improve trail signage. Our hope is
> we will continue to provide high-quality trail and interpretative infor-
> mation to help people plan for trips.:
>      The forest received several hundred thousand dollars for startup
> costs, which include printing of the passes and signs that will be placed at
> hundreds of roadside locations along the White Mountain National Forest.
>      People who just come for the day are still expected to participate
> but those who picnic and sightseers who stop briefly are not expected to
> pay the fee, nor are those who arrive on mountain bikes or by foot.
> Enforcement is not the emphasis this year, officials said, noting there are
> no plans to bring in tickets. "Informing recreation users about the new fee
> project will be the emphasis this year." -----
> The article, by the way, did not mention the thousands of volunteer hours
> contributed each year to the White Mointain National Forest by the
>  Appalachian Mtn. Club and other groups.
> ---end---
> We wish you all a happy, safe and outdoor Memorial Day Weekend.
> Welcome Summer...!

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