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[at-l] Respondez

hello again. thanks to all who responded with info. I was mostly just
curious about fuel interchangability. (?)   Availability of the CG 270
canisters here is pretty good, and I'll have a Whisperlite for my
thru-hike.  Actually, the lantern is NOT thru-hike equipment.  :)    
It's more of a response to the weight-watching I was doing for two-day
trips.  I finally decided I could afford to be a little more comfortable
at the expense of a few ounces.  

My Gregory Shasta has a 'compartment' under the top lid for a
Camelbak/etc.  I didn't realize thats what it was for until I saw it
mentioned in this years Gear Guides!!!   

Anybody else with good/bad things to say about this?  

Does anybody have the complete volumes of this...........posting?  While
I anxiously  ;)  await regular updates, a little history would be

I don't know if I will make it out this weekend, but I'll be there in
spirit.  Anybody in the DC area who happened to miss the Channel 4 news
story on Wednesday didn't miss much.  I get a kick out of the
media...."After a year of no suspects......no clues.........no
information.......CHANNEL 4 WANTS TO KNOW WHY!"  Oh please.  Could it be
that the Gov't continues to cut staffing and funding in our Parks; asking
half the staff to deal with twice the work?  Just once I would like to
see a fat cat overpaid underworked Congressman voluntarily give up half
of his WAY oversized salary and donate it to a good cause.             
(Sorry, just had to vent a little)

Well, thats all from this end.  See ya later.

GA-ME ???
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