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[at-l] back (at last)

well, the last two weeks included the following:

friend's wedding in boston
long lunch with '92 thruhiker Lowe Profile in boston
day with brother, sister-in-law, and 18mo nephew in pittsburgh
2hrs with cousins, aunt and uncle in burlington, nc
pleasant drive to damascus
shuttle to trail head
50 mile hike to damascus
wonderful if slightly sleepless time at trail days
drive to hot springs to drop off needles, converse with wingfoot
kayak sec. IV of the chatooga river (deliverance) with royal robbins sales rep
kayak the nantahala at wesser, lunch with thru hiker (Shortgrass)
day with '92 hikers Smokey & Tweetie in columbia, sc (view from their front
porch reminds us of pierce pond shelter)
back to work

whew!  i'd have to say, possibly the best vacation of my life (other than
the thru, of course, if that can be called a vacation).

i'll post my AT trip report after i sort thru all my e-mail, voice mail and
snail mail and get things under control again.  hopefully friday.  great to
put faces to all the "voices in my head" at trail days!

ke kaahawe

(and i thought i saw casey snacking on felix' teeth)

Michael Henderson		mikeh@royalrobbins.com

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.
	R.L. Stevenson
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