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Re: [at-l] External Frame Packs

>Hi gang;  I'm thinking of buying a new external frame.  I'd like
>something good for about a week long hike (summer).  I haven't bought a
>pack for years (25 maybe) and am still using an old Camp Trails.  I've
>thought about replacing the bag (canvas, zippers worn out), but maybe
>its time to replace the whole thing.  Any suggestions about what to buy
>and what to stay away from?
>   Thanks!  Jim Lynch (NTNY)

Hi Jim-
Last summer I bought REI's Wonderland external frame pack for a 10 day trip
and it worked great!  I was carying over 50 pounds (food, 0 degree bag,
climbing gear, ect really adds up!) and was extremely comfortable in my
pack (even off trail), unlike several of my internal framed companions.
Then, this spring break I used the same pack to carry about 70 pounds
through Death Valley (water for 4 days!!!).  The pack can really carry and
distribute a load!  It has tons of adjustments to get a custom fit, and the
padding on the hip belt is really nice.
Not that you would be carying anywhere near this weight and need that much
capacity, but the construction seems really good, and they have a smaller
version (the Sierra crest?) which is basically the same, only smaller.

My only complaint with it is that it has become a bit squeaky... any
suggestions on how to fix this?

Good luck!  Emily

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