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Re: [at-l] The Ulitmate Lightweight External Frame Pack

Wix wrote:

>   I'd love to see a Titanium frame, I'd expect the $$ to be up there in
> blue tho.

What would be the killer external frame pack of your dreams?  Mine would

A titanium frame, a little narrower than a standard external frame for
improved arm swing, and possibly made out of slightly smaller-diameter
tubing than is normally used in order to save weight.

A drum-tight, breathable, and easily adjustible back band.  Whatever
happened to those old turnbuckle-style back bands?

1.4 (?) oz. waterproof ripstop nylon pack bag. Using mesh fabric for at
least some of the side/back pockets.  The seams would be taped.

Add a CampTrails super-padded hipbelt.

Also, the pack would be designed so I do not hit my head on the top of the
pack frame.

The pack would include a removable but very large shoulder strap pocket. 
Big enough to hold my VCR.

I wonder if CampTrails would make one for me?
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