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Re: [at-l] External Frame Packs

Wix, you wrote:

>   I've got a C.T. Wilderness Panel Loader w/kitchen sink.  It is on the
> heavy side.  I tried the C.T. Wild. Top Loader, probably should have gone
> with it, but.!!
>   My old pack was a Gerry out of Colorado. About the same stowage space,
> but it was a lot lighter (about 3 1/2 lbs). The frame was a magnesium
> alloy, the pack sack was a cordura material, also a panel loader. I
> it in the days of yore (1970), Gerry no longer makes BackPacks (other
> for "totin kids").

I've noticed the increasing weight of external frame packs over the years. 
I sure wish I could find a 3 1/2 pound external.  How about a Titanium
external pack frame?

>   My main preference for an external frame is the ventilation. I've hiked
> in and around the Grand Canyon several times (last was rim to rim), also
> other places in AZ.  I sweat a lot.!  I've tried internal (INFERNAL)
> frames, but found that the sweat pouring off my back caused chaffing
> it soaked my hiking shorts. With the External frame I don't sweat a much,
> ergo, chafing's gone.

I agree about the ventilation.  Key to good ventilation is a taught back
band, which doesn't seem to exist on new models.  My old Kelty Mountaineer
has a taught back band and I love it.  I also think externals put a greater
percentage of the weight on your hips, which is also a big plus with me.

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