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Re: [at-l] platypus, camelback, etc.

> Do any of you guys use those new water bladder platypus/ camelback
> thingamijigs?  How do you like them?  What kind should I use to attach to my
> Osprey zero-g which I bought in '95?

I bought a 2-L Platypus hoser. It doesn't have all the extra straps and
casings like the camelback. Some of the newer backpacks (like waterboy's
new mountiansmith) have special compartments for water bladders. I just
stuck mine on top of all my gear, then tightened the top, put on the lid
and ran the hose thru a zipper pull and fastened onto my shoulderstrap. 

I am really glad to have it. It is easy to stay hydrated - I didn't have
to stop (even though i usually did) to pull out a bottle and unscrew
anything. i just stuck the valve in my mouth and drank.

the downside - only water can go in - smells can get trapped easily.
also - i got the "short" platypus and the hose was waaaaaay long. i
imagine the "long" is waaaaaay too big. :)

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