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[at-l] Walking Small Part II

Friday May 16 - Elk Park, NC

	Milo and Warren had just finished unpacking the last of the 250 Big Books
when Warren started to complain again about getting to Damascus on time for
the big parade and talent show.  "Okay Warren, just go already !" fumed
Milo.  " I'm not tak'en the parapackers Milo, I'll never catch a ride with
those 50 little guys lined up behind me with their puny thumbs cocked out
to the side."

	Warren left and Milo had a plan.  Suddenly Milo heard laughter from his
entourage - the porter people.  "Walk small and carry a big book!!"
shouted little Valdez while all the parapackers laughed in unison.  Milo
had spent good money for these Gideon Bibles and was clever enough to talk
the guy down at the Erwin Motel 8 too.  Milo was always on the lookout for
money making ideas and thought he could sell them along the trail for a
hefty profit.  He had heard about the bible belt.

	The parapackers weren't laughing anymore as Milo dropped the last one into
the 10th empty bible box.  Milo's plan you see was to mail the little guys
to Damascus as he finished writing "Please Hold for Warren Doyle" on each
carton using one of Enzo's many hi-liters.  Enzo got his own smaller box
since none of the other parapackers would last in the cramped quarters with
Enzo and his vapor- squeeking.  Enzo was so excited about going to Damascus
that he inhaled the American-made marker and it took both Pedro and Valdez
to remove the stuck stubby from his little nose.

	Milo threw a big bag of gorp in each bible box, a jug of water and tightly
sealed each one with DUCT TAPE.  Someone screamed as he used his Leki to
poke air holes in the sides of the boxes.

	Milo hoped he had done the right thing and hoped he'd be able to reach
Warren by telephone tomorrow as he sat atop his stack of 250 Bibles just
outside of Elk Park, NC.

Saturday May 17, Damascus, VA

	9:05 AM  The white postal truck backed up to the loading dock at the
Damascus Post Office as the driver heard that funny squeeking sound again.

	10:50 AM  Still no sign of Warren.  The postmaster went out back to
investigate that crunching sound when it abruptly stopped as he entered the
storeroom.  Still no sign of Warren.  No one had seen Warren and Milo was
getting worried.  I gotta pee real bad said Hector.  "me too, me too,me too !"
echoed around the storeroom.

	12:05 PM  No Warren.  Lights turn off, door shuts, door locks.

Monday May 19 Damascus 

	Damascus empty, Warren knows nothing about parapacker parcels.  Warren
upset, leaves town singing Sara song from talent show.

	9:00AM  Parapackers ran out of gorp late yesterday afternoon, water almost
gone, gotta pee real bad now, hi-liter dried up, gotta pee.

	9:01 AM  Door unlocked, door opens, lights come on. Gotta pee real bad.
John the assistant postmaster enters storeroom.  John sees 50 little
fountains of spray coming out of the boxes around the storeroom.  Warren's
name begins to run down the side in red hi-liter.

	John runs out of room, says to postmaster, "The stress is too much, I
can't take it any more !"  Another postal worker gone bad thinks
postmaster.  The parapackers jump out of bible boxes and run into back of
postal truck parked on loading dock.  Little Enzo's johnson stuck in box,
manages to get feet poked through bottom of box and runs towards truck,
still stuck, parapackers laughing hysterically at poor Enxo.

Tuesday May 20

	Milo is really worried now.  Parapackers still heading North in back of

The Bamaman





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