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Re: [at-l] White Mountain National Forest User Fees (fwd)

> Is it something general to the whole WMNF now?

It's been rumored for several years...and apparently now in
force.  Look for wholesale confusion come Memorial Day.

It will be interesting to see how USFS will finesse the "park at
your own risk" issue now they're charging parking fees.  Along
with the fees will come an expectation of a certain level of
security at the trailhead parking areas, which has been
nonexistent up 'til now.  There were a couple incidents of
wholesale vehicle break-ins at trailheads in WMNF this past
winter; it's only gonna take one such incident under the new
system to get the screaming started.  Kezar Falls is only a few
miles east -- I see possible Bamaman involvement in the melee
to come :-)

Before anyone asks, no, I don't know the details regarding these
permits.  There was a "heads up" in this year's RMC renewal, but
I don't expect to have any solid information until I return to New
Hampshire in a couple months.  I'm sure one of our regular New
Hampshire correspondents will fill us in long before.

As to where to pick up one of these permits...the gleaming new
ranger station just south of Gorham would probably be a good bet.
How do you think the Forest Service plans to pay for the thing?


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