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Re: [at-l] pack list

>Sandy wrote: 
> Martha,
> Looks good, but I can tell you from experience that you will want a full
> length sleeping pad unless you're really short. 
> 3/4 Thermarest, my ankles hang over it and get sore. Not a good way to

Not necessarily, I used to swear by my Staytek Regular, but the ultra-lite
3/4 weighs at least 1.5 lbs less. If you aren't hiking in really cold
weather, feet ahngin off aren't much of a problem, if it's uncomfortable,
wad up your jacket or something and prop your feet on it.

> you only need 1 pot, 1 lid, and a spoon (well, maybe a fork for ramen, I
> haven't gotten the hang of eating that with a spoon). Don't forget the
> antacid and Imodium tablets! 

Get Tums or some other calcium rich antacid and chew a few each day, you
probably won't be getting nearly the calcium you need otherwise.

> And I tried it, but I won't ditch my underwear either, yet. Even if I do
> have to dry my bra out over the fire every night...<G>

Wouldn't know about the bra, but underwearless takes a bit to get used
to, then it's great.............

26 days and I'm on my way.........
Will Strickland -ANTELOPE- ME->GA '97
"May the four winds blow you safely home..."
  -- Grateful Dead--
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